star-trek-dacYou probably still remember the heads up I gave you a while ago regarding an upcoming Star Trek game, subtitled DAC. Unfortunately, we had absolutely no information about the game (other than the fact that it existed). But thanks to the Games Developers Conference, we know have a few extra details to start with and to get us excited.

According to Joystiq, Star Trek DAC will be a top-down 3D space shooter, so it’s probably not going to be the full budget full blown game you were expecting. Still, DAC will feature multiplayer modes allowing six vs six matches, which should be fun enough, right? If not, maybe the co-op mode against the AI will fit your needs for a good SHMUP.

And that’s about everything we now know about Star Trek D.A.C – and I guess it’s quite enough. Oh, it’s also worth noting that the game is expected to be made available “near” the launch of the movie on May 8 this year.