Ubisoft Announce 500 New Jobs In Quebec

Ubisoft Announce 500 New Jobs In Quebec

The games industry has been hit with a great deal of layoffs over the past several years. Entire studios and even publishers, (THQ) have been entirely shut down. Despite all the doom and gloom Ubisoft have finally given us a good piece of news in regards to new job offerings. The French publishing/developer giant has announced that 500 jobs will be created in its Quebec location over the next seven years.

Increased American operations for online games, global network infrastructure, and growth of motion capture technologies. are all causes for these new positions to be available. The total investments made in these positions amount to about $373 million CAD ($363 million USD) through 2020.

Two major reasons to this sudden growth of employment are the changes made to the Quebec tax code which seems to benefit Ubisoft financially and a financial contribution of $9.9 million CAD ($9.6 million USD) was made to the company. Once these jobs are created Ubisoft Montreal will have a total of 3,500 people in employment. These new positions include community and network management, mathematicians, business analysts, monetization experts, and marketing personnel.

Ubisoft has been operating in Quebec since 1997. The company’s long relationship with the Canadian province may have played a role in this positive expansion. The state of New York has also seen an interest in expanding its games development, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.