This is certainly an offer many gamers will not want to miss out on. Those that plan to purchase psychological action thriller, Beyond: Two Souls, should consider placing pre-orders at their nearest GameStop.

Reported earlier by Joystiq, pre-ordered copies of the game will be upgraded to the Special Edition for free; additional content will include the following:

  • A 30-minute playable scene that has Jodie, assisted by aparition Aiden, solving several trial puzzles under pressure
  • The Beyond: Two Souls OST that includes the game’s four themes
  • Four behind the scenes making-of videos featuring voice actors Ellen Page, Willem Dafoe and writer David Cage.
  • A special background theme for PS3 and PSN avatars inspired by the game
  • Beyond Two: Souls video game packaged in Special Edition’s metal case

Talk about more bang for your hard earned buck! It should be obvious that persuasion to purchase this much anticipated title is not needed; a deal like this is simply an added incentive.

Beyond: Two Souls hits stores on October 8, 2013, exclusively for Playstation 3. Be sure to pre-order your copy before this game drops to take full advantage of all the extra goodies. If you will excuse me, I have an important trip to make.