If this month’s reboots (Tomb Raider and SimCity) made you all nostalgic and ready for even more reboots, then I have some amazing news for you: Thief 4 has been officially confirmed by Eidos Montreal and they were so happy to make the announcement that they also let go a ton of screenshots from the upcoming game.

Presented by Game Informer and stealthily making its way on the magazine’s April issue, Thief 4 is a true next generation game that puts the stealth back in the City and Garrett back in the shoes of the most dangerous thief out there. We get a bit of Dishonored too, as the City, ruled by the ruthless Baron, is also plagued by… a plague. Hopefully no rats are involved as we wouldn’t like things to be too familiar.

There are also a ton of Thief 4 screenshots and art work that were leaked on social network vk and you can check them out below. We have first person perspective, pretty nice graphics and some ladies in a scene that screams “Dishonored” once again:

Stay tuned as the near future will surely be filled with Theif 4 details, and hopefully they will be as exciting as this first sighting!