The great game from Paradox and Arrowhead, The Showdown Effect, has been fully released today, bringing us the intense action of the action movies of the 80s and 90s, filled with one liners, bad acting and tons of explosions.

In case you have never heard about The Showdown Effect, it’s your loss: this is an incredibly fun and addicting multiplayer action game where you have to shoot, slash, dive, roll, punch, and quip in order to be the last one standing. The game allows play sessions for up to 8 players – where chaos is guaranteed – and has an endless supply of one liners that will make you chuckle and feel the need to watch a Chuck Norris movie.

To see what I’m talking about, you can catch a glimpse of The Showdown Effect in the launch trailer below:

If this looks nice (and trust me, it’s a lot more fun when you play it!), head over to the game’s official website to check out all the purchase options. You can get all these goodies for just 10 bucks!