Some of us are pretty expert in hidden object games, and we are always up for new and more challenges. It’s never ever difficult for us to even when the world finds a game to be very much difficult level. Let’s give you a review on the hardest hidden object games we could find for you.

The Mystery Case Files

It is a haunted house hidden object game with countless adventures.

Series of games

Huntsville: You’ve got to have a keen eye to be able to find hundreds of hidden objects on more than 20 levels.



Prime suspects: Search for clues throughout 22 levels to find the Queens diamond!



Ravenhearst: The quest is about finding the missing pages of the diary of Emma Ravenhearst that hold the key to unraveling the tale behind the unsettling place.



Madame Fate: A mysterious fortune teller foresees her own demise on this day. She needs your help!



Return to Ravenhearst: Emma’s ghost delivers a dire warning, but her soul is free. Evil still lurks in the Ravehearst Manor!



Dire Grove: Play with your wit and find the group of missing students.



13th Skull: Sara Lawson is struck in tragedy after her husband mysteriously disappears.



Escape from Ravenhearst: Return to Ravenhearst Manor to unveil new discoveries and mysteries.



Fate’s Carnival: Madame Fate returns with her so many circus friends. Play to rescue her circus friends.



Dire Grove, Sacred Grove: Join the hunters of Dire Grove, the bringer of chaos. Help them, and you will learn the secrets of Mistwalkers.



Key to Ravenhearst: Ravenhearst museum will soon open again. Do you if the spirits of Ravehearst are at peace yet?



Ravenhearst Unlocked: You must have a strong heart to pass through the starting scene of this game!



Broken Hour: A completely new storyline but yet a fascinating one!



The Black Veil: You’ll investigate the town of Dr. Edmond which has been taken by illness.



The Revenant’s Hunt: Welcome to America; now you have to solve a terrifying case!



Rewind: The people you’ve come across in your previous cases are now trapped in the space between times.



The Countess: Queen’s dear best friend goes missing, and she reaches out to the Master Detective.



Haunted Hotel Series

The haunted hotel game is one the most amazing and of course hard hidden objects game ever.

Series of games

Haunted hotel: A lost travels checks in into an unknown hotel after meeting a car accident. Imagine his horror what happens afterward.



Haunted hotel II Believe the Lies: You solve some mysterious disappearances, go through some eerie environment.



Lonely Dream: Your stay at the hotel is just going to get tough with creepy stuff going on. Make sure to keep collecting helpful objects to help you survive this!



Charles Dexter Ward: Find your twin hotel. The only way to find him is through his necklace and an address.



Eclipse: To investigate the final journey hotel, your friend James, who is also a detective has called you for help. Watch out as all the guests are actually monsters!



Ancient Bane: The haunted hotel is now a property of Abraham who decides to completely change it to make it a profitable attraction for people.



Death Sentence: How much suspense can you handle? Well, this game is your true test!



Eternity: Your new boss Kevin Richards hire you for help in protecting him while he on project ‘Eternity.’ He gets kidnapped already, and you get to discover some mysteries about Project Eternity.


Phoenix: Oregon is now under threat by a series of wildfires spreading all over it.



The X: You find out that your sister, Samantha is missing while she was investigating a ten-year-old murder in the famous Lexington Hotel.



The Axiom Butcher: This game is about an investigation on a case at the Axiom hotel.



Silent Waters: You wake up in this hotel after meeting a deadly car accident. This hotel not only has mysteries to solve but also evil spirits to tackle.



The Thirteenth: Two families, once closest friends are now sworn enemies in a fight to get the key to immortality.



Personal Nightmare: your mother and sister who have been missing for 20 years now seem to be alive.



Haunted Hotel XV The Evil Inside: The top TV show “The Ghost Seekers” has invited you to join them for some ghost hunting.



Haunted Hotel: Lost Dreams: Your train derails while you’re on vacation in the Swiss Alps.



Dark City Series

The dark city game gained popularity for its scary and mind involving storyline although it doesn’t have many sequels, it’s a game worth your time and energy.

Series of games

Munich: The Mayor of Munich, Mr. Schultz has invited you to investigate a series of murders in Munich. They seem to be attacked by some violent creatures.



London: You have got to save London, but you’re in times before the big ben. There is a headless creature threatening to destroy London!




The best part of these games is that they are not for the fainted heart they not only make you-you see your worst might mares but also a good activity for our minds when they are not into productive things

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