Adventure games are something nobody finds tedium. Once you start playing you just blow the whole damn day without even realizing how much time you’ve just spent playing. The more complexity, challenging and adventurous the game is the more we enjoy it.

From literally kids to adults everybody gets addicted once they start playing these adventurous games. Through the engrossing gaming experience, it makes you face the complexity and challenging scenarios from which you learn the science of strategy. That’s the beauty of these games.

We’ve selected the best adventure & hidden object games from Big Fish Games and wrote about the one that we thought it were great.

Nancy Drew Series Review

Well, who doesn’t know about this game and loves to solve the problems, puzzles, and mysteries, you are missing out something very important and amazing then. The first game of the series came out in 1999, which is named Secrets can kill. HerInteractive released 2 games annually afterward. Nancy Drew gaming series is one the longest-running gaming series because of it’s an extraordinary fan base of the audience.

The game revolves around a singular female protagonist who runs after solving the mystery. This game appears to be for the young ones especially, but it has been appealing the people of all the ages.

The next and latest game description says that she is invited to investigate the house of Judge John Hathorne, The inquisitor of the Salem witch trials as it was to make a tourist attraction. But unfortunately. The house catches fire, and a young boy is rescued from being locked in the library during the time of the incident.

What he remembers is the ghost woman staring at him with burning eyes. The statement compels police to arrest a woman named Mei Parris and accuses her of some witchcraft. Nancy is to investigate and tries to reach to the bottom of the story to learn the truth. The game sounds interesting but trusts me;

It’s even more enjoyable when played. The game was to release back in 2015, but the developers shared the information that there are some changes been made to the game’s engine. Let’s see if they release the game in the spring as said.








Virtual Villagers Series Review

Do you want some little people to colonize and live in real-time on your desktop? Well, this is it then. The game is unique in itself because the game continues even if you turn it off.

They will rather live, die or prosper. The game is an amalgamation of virtual reality and simulation, which lets the gamers rise and grow their own little tribe and explore the islands in it. The features it incorporates from the real world experiences makes it quite impressive and addictive.





You’re always curious to find out the small growth and observe the changes happened since you last played. The player in this game teaches the tribe the basic ethics to survive and let them explore the secrets lies in their islands and the others as well. Once the population starts to grow the villagers require more housing and you construct more huts. These huts will expand the growth of the villagers furthermore.

The villagers become able to fish in the oceans and clean up them. There is a number of puzzles in this game, By solving them one by one you build a great colony. The main theme of the game is to care and nurture for a little tribe that has fled from an erupting volcano to a new island called Isola. Sounds cool right? It’s a pretty interesting game which requires intelligence to solve the puzzles.




Big City Adventure Series Review

Big City Adventure provides a large series of great games for the people who like to find the hidden objects in the game. It offers a wide of range of different chapters for the children and adults as well, Especially who don’t like the dark themed complicated games, They are going to love it. The game features different countries where a player gets to explore the thousand years old rare objects through hidden.







There are hundreds of rounds approx. From which half of the rounds includes the exciting mini-games, and the other half round includes a treasure hunt and memory challenges. Different countries, Different historical sites, and challenges make the player more curious about the cleverly hidden objects. Players search for the postcards which contain facts and history about the site he is playing on. Every chapter has a different number of postcards.

The map contains the details of the culture, art, and architecture of the country you’re playing. You can replay the game for an entirely new experience too if the lists of objects changes. In such a way, You get to experience and learn amazing facts about different countries and histories. The game offers different chapters like Shanghai, Barcelona, Istanbul, Rio de Jenario, Tokyo, Paris, London Story, London Classic, Vancouver and more.











All these games a pure bundle of joy and of course a good means to distract yourself for some time. We all love games, but it is a little difficult to find new cool games. Only a few games make to the top charts, but after some time you start finding them boring. We hope have now found your new games to play this season.

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