Hidden object games are one of our favorite time pass games on our phones. Because sometimes we’re in situations which it’s so difficult to pass the time. Guess what? We’ve created the part II of our best hidden object games articles. We covered a few interesting hidden object games that will surely entertain the genre enthusiasts.

Labyrinths of the world

It is an amazing game for people who love to play hidden object games to strengthen their thought process. This game series is developed by Domini Games.

Series of games.

Labyrinths of the world: Lost Island and its and its collector’s edition: It is all based on a crack on that has developed on the Earth’s crust that causes a series of disastrous activities around the world.


Labyrinths of the world: When Worlds Collide collector’s edition: The story of this game is based on you and your sister being called in the British library to investigate a sacred book called the Gates and things turn upside down when your sister is sucked in by the book


Labyrinths of the world: A dangerous game collector’s edition: You and your friend Christine are on vacation in Greece as you stumble upon a mysterious board game.



Labyrinths of the world: The Devil’s Tower collector’s edition: As you are about to initiate your sister as a member of the Seekers of the Devil’s tower she gets kidnapped by an evil God, Sanderson.


Labyrinths of the world: Secrets of Easter Island collector’s edition: Peter is your fellow detective, and he steals powerful artifacts. All this to track down his beloved fiancé.



Labyrinths of the world: Stonehenge legend collector’s edition: Your sister discovers a powerful magnetic field while she is in Stonehenge.



Labyrinths of the world: Changing the past collector’s edition: This story involves time travel, a villain, and some romance!



Labyrinths of the world: Forbidden muse : There are too many artists in the city and Calliope is one attraction and inspiration who creates attractions for tourists.



Labyrinths of the world: Shattered : You travel to travel to Thompson Castle to save your sister’s soul from an overly obsessed scientist.



Redemption Cemetery

Redemption Cemetery is another long series of games that is based on finding the hidden objects. It has 11 sequels of course all covered in a long entertaining storyline. This is among our preferate best hidden object games.

Series of games.

Curse of Raven: After hitting a car accident you wonder in a mysterious graveyard while searching for help.



Children’s plight: You explore gorgeous hidden object scenes while saving the children that the warlock has taken.



Grave Testimony: You escape a cursed Island inhabited by the lost souls in Redemption Cemetery.



Bitter Frost: You travel back in time change the past of your ancestors and stop the spirit of Cold. She can stop you from being born!



The Island of the Lost: Same as the last 5 parts you fix the lost souls. You need to help the souls trapped there to find peace.



The clock of Fate: Clock of fate has you entering time travel portals. You enter the lives of tormented souls and free them from the dreadful pasts.



At Death’s Door: You travel into the past and unleash the restless spirits to find your way to freedom.



Night’s Terror: It is based on the name of the virus Night Terror that has infected all the patients at Dr. Jane Warovski’s hospital.



An embodiment of Evil: You follow a clue to a creepy cemetery, you explore creepy dark secrets and meet with the lost souls trapped in that cemetery. The delivery of the plot is more engaging than the story itself.


One Foot in the Grave: Your best friend and a journalist come to you in the middle of the night to tell you something interesting. Her report is about an unusual event happening in the cemetery.



Day of the Almost Dead: For Shilbalba to rise and turn the world of living into a dead sea, 12 souls are gathered before midnight on the day of death.



Reflections of Life

Reflections of life is another great hidden objects game. It has lesser sequels than any other of the above-mentioned games.

Series of games

Tree of dreams: For 25 years you believed yourself to be an orphan. One day mysterious man appears and tells you that your parents are alive and the city they live in is under threat from a dark force.


Equilibrium: Akvos enters the Kingdom of Creators with hope to capture the Queen and turning the kingdom into a nightmare with disorder and madness.



Dark Architect: The kingdom is under attack by the monsters of 4 elements. You’ll need to protect the Queen, and the Dark Ruby from the Dark Architect uses it to destroy the world.



Call of Ancestors: Your sister gets kidnapped on her birthday. You see cloaked figures right in front of you! The evil Luther wants to use her powers to reincarnate himself to destroy the world. You must save her before he succeeds in his plans.


Hearts Taken: Your husband Dave is on an expedition to Syria, and he promises to keep sending you postcards. One day his postcards stopped coming in, and he is presumed to be dead!



In Screams and Sorrow: Right after a peace treaty was signed between the two worlds. An ambassador from the other world offers offered a cure to this strange disease in exchange for your children.


Slipping Hope: The Sleeping Guardians have been protecting the five worlds from the destructive power of Malum since the beginning of time. Even if one wakes up, the world will turn into chaos!



Now you’ve read in detail about some amazing hidden object finding games. The best part is that each one is based on an extremely detailed storyline and fun graphics to keep us involved in the play. So, which one are you planning to play next?

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