Hidden Object games are usually scary, mysterious, and thrilling. It is also very important them to be fun so you enjoy playing them. Well, the list is pretty long for such games but we’ve picked some of the best hidden object games for you.

Midnight Calling – A Fun Hidden Object Game From BigFishGames 

Midnight Calling is series of games produced by Elephant Games which is comes with a good storyline and a series of adventures. We love this series and its among the best hidden object games that we’ve played.

Series of games

Wise Dragon: The castle is obviously the center of the game. As the name might indicate but the game is literally very interesting for its storyline, and it takes a good player at least 2-3 weeks to get inside the castle until then the game is around the castle.


Anabel: This part lets you go back in time, inside the castle and you are on a quest to find your father who went missing 20 years ago.



Jeronimo: It’s based on the name of once an infamous thief called Jeromino who is now in search to find a cure for his sister. Jeronimo keeps tells tales from his past throughout this game to a traveler.


Arabella: You follow unexpected ship wreckage. You wake up on an unknown island and realize that your brother has gone missing! How do you find him?



Valeria: There’s an imminent disaster threatening your world and your grandmother called for your help. You are the world’s only choice to present a massive disaster. You have a limited time at your disposal, that’s what makes Midnight Calling Valeria so fun.


Haunted Hotel – A Great Big Fish Games Series

The Haunted Hotel game is one the most amazing and of course hard hidden objects game ever. That’s what makes it more fun for the genre enthusiasts.

Series of games

Haunted hotel II Believe the lies: You’ll need to solve all your mysteries while you have a huge heart to tackle the horror.



Haunted Hotel: Lonely Dream: Explore different rooms of the haunted hotel with all the supernatural activities going on around you.



Haunted Hotel: Charles Dexter Ward: It is your twin in this hotel. You can only find him through the clues of his necklace and an address.



Haunted Hotel: Eclipse: Your detective friend James needs your help. Investigate the final journey hotel with him.



Haunted Hotel: Ancient Bane: Abraham Shadowy purchases the infamously haunted hotel in order to make it a profitable business. He wants to renovate it completely.



Haunted Hotel: Death Sentence: Your friend and co-worker James send you a letter telling you that he has already died. James wants you to unveil some secrets in Holy Mountain Hotel.



Haunted Hotel: Eternity: Kevin Richards, is the man behind a highly talked about a project called ‘Eternity” he hires your help to protect him. He gets attacked and kidnapped by a mysterious mask man.



Haunted Hotel: Phoenix: Oregon is struck by a series of wildfires. People suspect it is mythical Oregon Pheonix.



Haunted Hotel: The X: your sister is now missing while investing a very old murder at the Lexington hotel. It’s on you as the mystery detective to find her.



Haunted Hotel: The Axiom Butcher: This time your investigation is about a case in the once famous Axim hotel.



Haunted Hotel: Silent Waters: Again after meeting a car crash, this time you end up waking in another unknown hotel called Silent Water Hotel.



Haunted Hotel: The Thirteenth: The Baker Family and the Barlow Family were once as close as one family but are now worst enemies of each for an artifact that can grant someone immortality.


Haunted Hotel: Personal Nightmare: A letter telling your mother and sister are alive after you have believed them to be missing for 20 years.



Haunted Hotel XV the Evil Inside: Your expertise is now valued. The top TV show “The Ghost Seekers” now need your help!



Haunted Hotel: Lost Dreams: After you and your wife meet a train accident in the Swiss Alps she goes missing!



Wanderland Review – A Great Big Fish Game

You get to visit famous fairytales, and you’re responsible for fixing the stories. A lot of characters you know need your help in finding hidden objects. Of course, finding the hidden objects also means getting to fix stories and making your fairytales complete.

You’ll get to explore temples crypts and much more. There are dozens of unique portals for you to keep wandering in the Wanderland. If you feel bored (which wouldn’t actually happen) but for a change and or if you have less time, there are 20 side quests to play.

Like any other good game, it has rewards and bonuses too.

Candice is your assistant who helps you start the game and teaches you how to play. It is not only a hidden objects game it has a dominating fun part in it too.

Areas mentioned in alphabetical order. You’d know which areas are to be unlocked and which have already been solved by you. It’s like completing broken parts of the fairytales and create a perfect fairytale land.

This game got best-hidden objects game title in 2014 for its fun and interactive user interface, which says a lot about why you should play this game.

There are every day bonuses in it, amazing quests, hidden object puzzles, and unlocking new areas. Another unique thing in it is lifting the curses that make the fairytale feel more real.

You get to fight battles and with experience, skills, and a good collection you could win them too.


We all love hidden object games since we were kids. Puzzles and quests have been our favorite kind of games ever since. Some of us are fond of scary ones, some like tough ones, and some of us look for the one with fun factor. We hope you’ve made your choice about the next game you’d want to play!



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