I started to lost count of the “indie bundles” available out there, but certainly the Free Bundle will be one that I will always remember because, as the name says, it offers a bunch of hot indie games free of charge!

The Free Indie Bundle features Nitronic Rush from Team Nitronic, Ascension from Magnesium Ninja Studios, Celestial Mechanica from Roger Hicks and Paul Veer, Iamscared from Ivan Zanotti, and Abobo Big’s Adventure from Team Bobo.

Right now, the free indie bundle proves to be a really big success, with almost 25,000 downloads recorded (and there are 35 days left until it expires!) which proves that free titles still sound better than “pay what you want” ones. And we are really talking here about some really great indie titles, so why not check them out? They cost nothing!

So head over to the Free Bundle website and pick these 5 free indie games and enjoy!