It’s been quite a while since I last played a tower defense game – or a quality one at least – and I was really proud when I stumbled upon Kingdom Rush, one of the better tower defense games that’s available (for free) on the internet.

As the name suggests, it’s set in a medieval setting (but with a ton of fantasy, so don’t worry if you don’t really like swords, sandals and archers) and your goal is that of protecting the kingdom from invading monsters. However, none of these seem to put this game atop of others, even though it is indeed a really high quality and challenging title.

What makes Kingdom Rush stand out is the number of towers available – there are around 20 here in the game, including a bunch of advanced ones – and there are also a ton of upgrades to choose from which basically means that you have a lot of possible different approaches to the game, even though the locations where you can place your towers are limited.

But that doesn’t matter that much – you have enough variety in terms of monsters and defense towers to keep you busy for quite a long time! So if you want to check it out, it’s really easy: just click here and give Kingdom Rush a try!