CastleVille Receives Cool Ice Themed Items

CastleVille Receives Cool Ice Themed Items

After the introduction of the Yeti in CastleVille and our missions to Save George, Zynga has decided to release a bunch of Ice-themed items in CastleVille to help us dress up for the occasion and to improve the looks of our kingdoms a bit more.

I will not say much before letting you know the prices of the items that have just been released and you can also check them out in the image below this list:

Cute Yeti Hat – 10 Crowns
Fluffy Yeti Blouse – 8 Crowns
Fuzzy Yeti Skirt – 8 Crowns
Hairy Yeti Hat – 10 Crowns
Hairy Yeti Legs – 8 Crowns
Hairy Yeti Suit – 8 Crowns
Iced Carriage – 10 Crowns
Frozen Cottage – 32 Crowns
Frozen Farmhouse – 35 Crowns
Pink Mink – 40 Crowns
White Mink – 40 Crowns
Yeti Tracks – 2,000 coins
Banner Pack 0-9 – 5,000 coins
Banner Pack A-I – 3 Crowns
Banner Pack J-R – 3 Crowns
Banner Pack S-Z – 3 Crowns
Banner Pack – Punctuation – 30 HEarts
Banner Pack – Emoticon – 3 Crowns

The new items are pretty nice, but it appears that if you want the banners to allow you to actually write anything, you will need to spend 9 crowns for all the letters. Not really nice, if you ask me…