Angry Birds is a really popular game nowadays, but the thing is that the concept of the game is quite old and there are a ton of similar games that can be played completely FREE over the internet: games that are at least as fun and challenging as Angry Birds. And they cost you no money! So if you’re a fan of Angry Birds and want to play some more (but with no charge whatsoever), check out the list below of the 7 top Free Games like Angry Birds!

Crush the Castle

Probably the game that started it all, one of the most popular physics-based games ever. Completely like Angry Birds (with the difference that instead of birds we’re shooting cannons in a medieval setting), Crush the Castle is well done, challenging and extremely addictive, just like Angry Birds. But it has a huge bonus: it’s FREE to play. So head over here and play it. If you find it difficult, I have a Crush the Castle walkthrough for you.


Another game set all the way back in the history, this title that’s similar to Angry Birds is a little easier that Crush the Castle, but that’s a good thing, I guess, since it doesn’t come with the frustration caused by you being unable to finish it. You can play Sieger here and we also have a Sieger walkthrough if you somehow get stuck anywhere!

Crush the Castle 2

Similar to Crush the Castle mentioned above and, of course, like Angry Birds, this game is an evolution that comes with even more challenges, rewards, badges and goodies for the players. A complete and complex series that will certainly amaze you. Play it for free here and check out the Crush the Castle 2 walkthrough here. Have fun!

Soccer Balls

A game released back when the World Cup was still hot, this game goes a little away from the classic genre of mass destruction, but still follows the same concept. So we can say that it’s a game like Angry Birds but with a twist, so you might want to check it out to see what I’m talking about: play if for free here and, if you get stuck, check out the complete walkthrough here.

Paper Cannon

30 levels of hand-drawn bunny-killing greatness. Really! There’s not much else to say about this title, so head over to One More Level and give it a try. I promise you that you’ll love it!

Max Damage

Telling us the story of a kid left out in a store, Max Damage challenges you to aim, take a shot and do… Max Damage! Check out the game here and enjoy it!


A bit more tactical than the first games in the list, Fragger is a modern-based game of destruction like Angry Birds. This means grenades, soldiers and awesomeness! Play Fragger here for FREE.

Do you know similar games to Angry Birds that are free to play? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to bookmark and share this article!