Test Drive Unlimited 2 really manages to push up the limits of the car driving genre by creating a dynamic world for the virtual drivers. And although the game is created mostly with multiplayer in mind, the single player experience can be just as cool, as you will see in the walkthrough videos below. So sit back, relax and enjoy the Test Drive Unlimited 2 walkthrough in these three cool videos!

Test Drive Unlimited 2 Walkthrough – Getting Started Guide

Test Drive Unlimited 2 Walkthrough part 1

Test Drive Unlimited 2 Walkthrough part 2

Thanks deilukin and Mahalo for the videos!


  1. The game is really really poor in terms of optimization. It stutters too much even on a PC that exceeds the recommended specs by quite a distance. Come on devs, release a performance booster package soon or all will be cursing you!


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