So, just like all of us, you are really fond of CityVille, but you’d also like to play a similar game offline for those moments when the internet is down, you have no access to it or you simply want a little change? That’s great, because I have to share with you the Best offline games like CityVille – and some are really challenging and some would say that they’re even better. The best part? These games like CityVille have free demos, so you can play them and test them before you decide if you should spend as low as 7 bucks for the full version!

Here are the best offline games like CityVille:

1. Virtual City

An amazing game – to sum things up: Build the city of your dreams – a residential paradise or an industrial center! Construct gorgeous houses and industrial buildings as you produce goods and deliver them to the shopping malls. Make the city a cleaner place by recycling garbage, adding hospitals and fire stations, and upgrading buildings – all in a really great environment with hot visuals and an exciting gameplay! Click here for more details and to play Virtual City.

2. Build-in-Time

As the name suggests, you will really build in time here: in the Americas, starting from the 1950s when the first settlements were in, all the way to the greatness of the 21st century! Earn cash and Life Rewards for Mark Retro, a young kid with big dreams. Build a construction business from the ground up and create homes for movie starlets, hippies and more. Buy upgrades like observatories and pirate ships throughout six stylized decades. Click here for more details and to play Build-in-Time.

3. Jack of All Tribes

“CityVille in the past, plus a great story”: this would describe the game that mixes genres for an amazingly unique experience! Help Jack travel to the past and rule a primitive tribe: search for artifacts from the future that Jack needs to return to his own time. Free the tribe from the oppressive domination of the Dumbheads and fulfill Jack’s destiny. Introduce new technology to the tribe with help from the chief’s beautiful daughter and make your way home! Click here for more details and to play Jack of All Tribes.

4. Build-a-Lot 4: Power Source

As you can imagine, there’s an entire series of Build-a-Lot games, but I have decided to share with you only the latest one that was released – but feel free to get them all! Help friendly towns to grow and glow by building neighborhoods and generating clean energy to make them run. Watch out for power overload! If you build too fast, you may experience blackouts and unhappy renters. Build solar towers, wind farms, and dispatch technicians to make sure everyone is energy efficient. Make your neighborhoods fit and fancy by building tennis courts, swimming pools, boutiques and more. Click here for more details and to play Build-a-Lot 4: Power Source.

5. Roads of Rome II

Another sequel for a really great and innovative game! Caesar, the governor of Rome, has been poisoned, and there’s no potion strong enough in the world of mortals that can cure him of his terrible disease. Caesar’s daughter Julia is in despair and Victorius, an honorable general, sets out on a long journey to the kingdom of the Gods. The lands of barbarians are full of dangers, so be careful! Help Victorius find the magic potion that will save Caesar’s life in Roads to Rome 2! Click here for more details and to play Roads of Rome II.

6. Westward Kingdoms

When two young spoiled heirs to the throne are banished from the comforts of their royal realm, they are tasked with traveling to three neighboring kingdoms, restoring their greatness, and demonstrating to their father, the king, that they are the rightful heirs to the throne. Help Prince Fenwick and Princess Catherine roam the countryside as they seek the guidance of friendly Kings, Countesses, Dukes, and loyal subjects in Westward Kingdoms! Click here for more details and to play Westward Kingdoms.

7. Summer Resort Mogul

Although summer is still far away, you can build your own super summer city! Start small with a couple of bungalows and a restaurant, and then add movie theaters, dance clubs, swimming pools, and more to entertain your guests. Use your talents to make smart decisions with regard to workers and supplies, upgrade the buildings you own to make them even more profitable, and do a little marketing, and your resort will be second to none! Click here for more details and to play Summer Resort Mogul.

8. DinerTown Tycoon

Again a niche-focused CityVille-like game: The evil Grub Burger fast food chain has bribed their way into DinerTown and is threatening to drive out the local diners with their cheap prices, sneaky tactics and the mysterious Ingredient X! Use your restaurant savvy and business smarts to succeed in this exciting game. Bring wholesome food and local eateries back to DinerTown to give Grub Burger the boot once and for all in DinerTown Tycoon! Click here for more details and to play DinerTown Tycoon.

Let us know if you try any of these games and which are your favorite! Also, if you want a completely similar experience, why not check out our list of best Facebook Games like CityVille?