Walking Dead

Walking DeadIn an interview yesterday with IGN, Walking Dead writer Garry Whitta dropped hints regarding upcoming content for the Walking Dead game.

When asked about Season 2, Garry confirmed that it was coming, but emphasised that it was quite early in its development and added with a smile that he couldn’t help anyone looking for details on the next season. However, he also mentioned that Telltale was working on additional content that would sate the appetite of Walking Dead fans before Season 2 was released. While he was quite sparse with information on the subject, he did note that for some people the wait would be made “more agonising” by the new content, suggesting that Telltale is working on a plot that will lead into Season 2, perhaps explaining the post credits scene from Episode 5. Garry went on to say that while he couldn’t give much away about this project, more information would be available “in the near future.”

When asked about updates to the Walking Dead, Garry also mentioned that he and other Telltale staff will be at a panel at the South by South West Expo in Austin on March 9 to discuss the future of interactive storytelling. Hopefully this panel is the the near future that Garry was referring to, and with any luck we’ll get more info on the filler content and Season 2 there.

For those interested in watching the complete interview, it can be viewed on IGN’s official site. If you’re only interested in hearing Garry’s comments on upcoming content by Telltale, skip to 14:50.