Yesterday, Valve released an update for Team Fortress 2, heralding the arrival of Robotic Boogaloo, the first content based update since Christmas. What’s interesting however, is that everything in the event is community made. While Valve often uses fans of the game to design hats, this marks the first time that the update comic, update video, site and crate design has been run solely by fans of the game.

Unfortunately there are no new weapons, but Team Fortress 2 players will now be able to get their hands on 57 new hats, robotic variants of a variety of the preexisting cosmetic gear.

This apparel may be received by opening special robotic crates, which will drop in the same fashion as normal crates until June 3rd, at which point they’ll drop far less frequently. As always, these crates can only be opened by buying a $2.50 from the store. As a community driven update, the profit from these key sales will go to everyone involved in the event, from the artists to  the hat makers.

Valve have announced that they’ll be releasing more of their own updates in the future, but they’re happy for community driven patches such as this one to be put out at the same time.