Call Of Duty 4 is, to many gamers, the epitome of an FPS game. It revolutionized the genre. Dozens of games have attempted to replicate the success of Call Of Duty 4 by either borrowing its multiplayer system, or taking cues from the way the weapons work in the game. But, as many older games do, Call Of Duty 4 is remembered for what it did absolutely right, and not wrong. Here is why Call Of Duty 4 is one of the most overrated titles this generation.

Call Of Duty 4 had a great campaign, no doubt. But towards the end, it suffered from repitious mission structure, and the AI, which wasn’t all that great to begin with, really began to show its stupidity, particularly in the sniping missions. Add in the fact that the missions got less and less fun as the game went on, and you can see why I was ready for it to b over 6 hours in. That’s not to say the story was bad, it kept me going, but the gameplay could’ve used a refresher course towards the end.

And as for the multiplayer, it’s a hell of a lot of fun, but very overrated. Aside from the fact that the playerbase is either filled with campers or glitchers, there’s about 2 memorable maps. The rest are mediocre at best. I didn’t bother downloading the DLC, but if it’s anything like the base game, I never will. The guns work well, and killing is easy enough, but why the hell does the UAV not keep going after you die? Why is martyrdom even in the game? Who’s idea was it to do this stuff?

The multiplayer also feels cheaply refined and hashed up from other games, as well. Despite the internet’s idea that Call Of Duty was the first game to have a really decked out perk and weapon loadout system, it was far from it.

So, while Call Of Duty 4 is a great game, it’s also very overrated. The sequel World At War was far superior, as it had better map design, a stronger loadout system, a great campaign with co op, and a zombies mode. I’d recommend World At War over any other Call Of Duty out there.