If you waited until now with the Christmas gifts (or maybe game purchases for your own enjoyment), you should not regret it because Steam has kicked off their holiday 2011 sale, offering huge savings and promotions to their games, including a couple of new promos that will give you the chance to win even more prizes!

I am talking here about the Great Gift Pile, a feature that challenges gamers to complete various objectives every day in order to win either a FREE game or special discount coupons for select games that can be purchased on Steam. Even if yo don’t win, you will get a piece of coal, which gives you a chance to the Epic Holiday Giveaway whose top prize is… every game available on Steam! Now that’s something that everybody would love to win!

All in all, we are talking about an amazing promotion that takes place on Steam and I invite you to check it out on their website for the full deals and information. Click here to find out the details about the Steam Holiday 2011 sale.