In just two days from now, Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell: Conviction, one of the most anticipated PC games of the month, hits game stores. If you’re wondering which are the new features of the game and if you should purchase it or not, read this preview to learn all the facts and head over to the game’s official website to download the Splinter Cell: Conviction demo and try out the game for yourself. Now let’s read the Splinter Cell: Conviction preview!

The game tells the story of a quicker and more brutal Sam Fisher, three years after the events of Double Agent, the previous game of the series. Sam has left the Third Echelon and is now working alone on a personal quest: to seek revenge for the death of his daughter. You should expect to see an action-packed, explosive game in Splinter Cell: Conviction, one that brings in a bunch of new features, as detailed by the Wikia:

  • New stealth mechanic – No longer using Sam’s Multi-Vision Goggles, instead uses shadows where the rest of the environment turns into a bleak black and white.
  • Storyline Environment – Flashbacks or hints of new characters or situations appear on the foreground of the game environment. Enhancing the storyline in real time. Clues will also be represented within the game such as names of people or mission objectives.
  • “Last known position” – A silhouette of the player character will appear to where the enemy last saw them. Can easily be used in conjunction with Mark and Execute to arrange easier executions.
  • “PEV” – Prepare, Execute, and Vanish gameplay cycle in which players plan attacks against unsuspecting enemies, quickly execute them, and vanish.
  • “Mark and Execute” – Able to mark enemies and instantly kill them. Can also be used on certain objects within the area.
  • “Persistent Elite Creation (P.E.C)” – Sam now has the ability to pick up weapons and ammunition from fallen enemies and fully customise them at weapon stores placed throughout the game. It is also possible to edit the appearance of your avatar and increase his amour and the amount of ammunition and gadgets you can carry, plus the efficiency of your weapons and gadgets.
  • Crowd Mechanic introduced – Allowing Sam to vanish within the crowd. If causing a panic, Sam will be easily spotted.
  • Interrogation Mechanic – Able to interrogate NPC’s while using the environment.
  • Environment Mechanic Enhanced – New environmental interactions, such as the ability to break down doors and set off car alarms, while environmental interactions from previous games are now more fluid and used more frequently

Most of the game’s story takes place in Washington DC, even though the first scenes take place in Malta, a small European country in which Sam Fisher is preparing for a new round of action.

Splinter Cell: Conviction also has a multiplayer element for two players. The first mode is a co-op story prior to the events in the single player mission (titled Prologue). And the second is Deniable Ops, a pretty interesting take on the multiplayer element, with modes such as Hunter, Infiltration or Last Stand (two players versus AI bots) or the Face Off, SC:Conviction’s only adversarial mode. In other words, Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell: Conviction promises to be a really solid title fans of the genre will enjoy.

Here’s a trailer for Splinter Cell: Conviction to get you ready for the game’s action (which comes out on April 28 and can be purchased from Amazon):