I kept saying it and I still consider that I’m right: there’s a lot of room for virtual violence on Facebook after all the peaceful farming, cafe building and nightclub partying… and Battle Punks is that type of game that comes out of nowhere to rock your world and prove that there’s a new degree of quality in this limited genre, that of player versus player combat.

Similar to classics like MyBrute or other Facebook titles such as Killer Toon, Battle Punks comes from the developers of Medical Mayhem, another title I loved playing, so my interest was certainly high for it. And I was proved right just after the first seconds of playing: that’s all you need to understand that Battle Punks is the best game of its genre at the moment!

Unlike other fighting Facebook games that have sluggish and really poorly done visuals, Battle Punks surprises with some really cool visuals, colorful and full of life, huge weapons that produce just as much damage as you consider them to (which is a LOT) and great and varied backgrounds where the fights take place in.

Of course, the success of such a game has just little to do with the visuals since the gameplay very important, and Battle Punks does a good job here too: your character has, just as in many RPGs, a backpack that’s made of a specific number of squares. Each weapons occupies a different amount of squares and you will never have enough room for all your weapons. So it’s up for you to decide which weapons to take into the battle, which boosts and shields – and you should often decide based on the weapons your enemy has. This adds some extra crisps of strategy into play but of course if you’re the hurried type, you can simply ignore this element and rely on luck.

Luck or the random factor seems to be Battle Punks’ biggest problem (just as it happens in any other similar game): you don’t really know how powerful or skilled your avatar really is and watching a fight often resumes to hoping for the best. However, lower level enemies will block your powerful weapons quite often in some fights, while in other fights better opponents seem to be dumber than dumb and take every possible hit from every possible angle. The same can happen with your character too, so unfortunately luck matters a bit too much in Battle Punks to make the game perfect. But the title has just been launched and it still is in Beta so many things will change in the near future.

The game also comes with a loot system that randomly gives you a reward after each fight, ranging from extra coins to free food (for energy) or better weapons. I was also surprised to find out that one of my weapons was sold during such a random event, which seemed quite strange. Even stranger is the fact that you can’t sell your weapons yet in a market for some extra money and for getting rid of your unworthy weapons.

You start the game with 10 maximum energy and you need 3 energy to fight against an enemy. You get one extra energy every 5 minutes, which is fair enough, and you can also increase your maximum energy levels if you add some neighbors. Interaction with the neighbors wasn’t tested, but I am sure that you can at least receive free goodies from them.

There are also other goodies such as achievements (a hefty 24 of them to start with and certainly more to come), as well as online leaderboards where you can see how is your fighter doing amongst your friends or globally. Also, you can save the best of your fights and brag with them or simply keep them for your own pleasure.

All in all, Battle Punks is a really promising title that still needs some improvements, like some actual stats for your fighter or at least some explanations regarding the random factor in the game, plus the option to sell some of your weapons. However, even with these little buggers, Battle Punks is a really awesome game you’ll certainly love and one you just have to try.

Click here to play Battle Punks and don’t forget to share your opinion on the game in the comment section below!