At the moment of writing this FarmVille review, Zynga’s virtual farming title is the most popular application on Facebook with around 80 million active users. For such a popular game it seems rather pointless to have a review, but I still decided to write one even if it’s for a title we all know and love so much.

FarmVille puts you in the shoes of a virtual farmer, giving you a small land area for you to start working on: you can plant crops and wait for a specific time for them to grow, then collect the goodies, plow the land and start it over again. Soon, you’ll get from a few patches of land to tens of them, you’ll expand your farm and decorate it as you see fit to turn it into your own virtual farming paradise.

The game is repetitive and quite static, yet it is incredibly challenging and addictive: there are ribbons (achievements) for FarmVille players to earn – and they require you to play for a long time; there are all sorts of buildings you can build by getting items from your friends; there are challenges for you to complete, crops to master, items to collect… actually there are so many things hidden in this game that you will never get bored with it!

And probably the most important thing is that Zynga keeps updating FarmVille twice per week at the moment, adding extra items, extra goodies or crops, tons of new content in a frantic pace that you’ll never be able to get it all or actually place everything on your farm. Therefore you’ll have to choose how you use the relatively low amounts of space wisely: if you have too much land used for planting crops, you won’t have enough for decorations. However, if you have just a bunch of crops planted, soon you’ll run out of money and won’t afford to buy the extra goodies that are being added, so it’s up for you to find the balance, just like in real life.

You can also visit your FarmVille neighbors and help them with the farm, by fertilizing their crops, feeding their animals and even by liking their farms. You can send them tons of gifts, you can grow puppies into adult dogs and learn them tricks to help you around with the farm – you can live a second life there without feeling too competitive or overwhelmed by the game’s difficulty. And yes, you will certainly have fun playing the game, which is certainly one of the best games available at the moment on Facebook.

So if you haven’t already, go to Facebook and give FarmVille a try. And, of course, don’t forget to share your own review of FarmVille in the comment section below. Have fun!