Today Sony finally agreed to pay 250,000 pounds (Just under 400,000 USD) in fines for the 2011 hack of its servers. The value was decided on earlier this year by UK authorities, after an investigation into the hack.

Following the initial announcement, Sony stated that it would be appealing the amount, as they were in strong disagreement with the fine. They also acted to remind people that “there was no evidence that encrypted payment card details were accessed.”

They’ve now decided to drop the appeal. The company still disagrees that it should be fined, but has decided to pay anyway in order to avoid disclosing details regarding its security protocols.

The fine won’t go to the effected users, but instead is intended as a punishment for Sony for having “security measures in place [that] were simply not good enough.”

2011 saw the online PlayStation network shut down for a period of twenty four days following a hack which compromised the account details of millions of users. User compensation involved a free month’s subscription to PS+ and it’s related video service, along with two free PS3 and PSP games.

[Source: Engadget via The Next Web]