BioWare has recently assured that Dragon Age Inquisition is still under development and it will only be released in 2014. Last month, during the annual E3, the company presented a small trailer that revealed part of the incoming plot, which will feature Morrigan, one of the main characters in Dragon Age Origins. The eternal battle between mages and templars will be the main theme of this upcoming game; however uncertainty is basically what defines the current knowledge about Dragon Age Inquisition. Who will be the main character, the Inquisitor perhaps? And which characters will be the Inquisitor’s companions? Everything remains a secret, for now, but it seems that all this secrecy is about to break down soon enough. BioWare started a twitter post a few days ago inquiring players about which characters they would like to see again. Maybe the story is not completely defined yet but there are certainly a few characters that will most likely return and some that have a great probability to be seen once again. This prediction can be easily supported by two main reasons: continuity, a character that was present in the last two games has a nearly granted spot in the third game; extreme relevance regarding the upcoming plot, characters that hold precious information about Inquisition’s storyline will probably return. In this fantasy series every character has its own unique story, traits, skills and personal involvement with the world events, however there’s simply no time or space for everyone’s return. The chosen ones shall return to the magnificent world of Thedas but first, who are they?


Characters That Will Most Surely Return:

1.      Morrigan

At the end of Origins, Morrigan presented an optimal solution that included the archdemon’s death and the survival of its slayer; in return she would get pregnant with the old god’s essence. Therefore, the shapeshifter decided to run away from everyone in order to rise up her child by herself. Morrigan’s return has been unsure but expected for a long time and with the recently released Inquisition trailer, Darkness Closes In, every doubt has been cleared out, Morrigan is really coming back and she will most likely be one of the most important characters in the upcoming storyline, as it has happened before.

2.      Flemeth

The resolute Witch of the Wilds, the savior of protagonists, the old wise prophet that foresees events that are yet to come… Would Dragon Age still be Dragon Age without Flemeth? Even if she has short appearances and her prominence can be defined as secondary, her deeds have a great impact on the plot. Without Flemeth’s intervention the Warden, as well as the Champion would never have become legends and their glorious stories would have been replaced by death itself.


3.      Leliana

Dragon Age II presented a great surprise at its closure, revealing that Seeker Cassandra is not the only one looking for the Warden and the Champion, Leliana is also assisting this search party in order to stop the present chaos that rules the world of Thedas. As a sequel of Dragon Age II events, Inquisition will feature a world that no longer comprehends peace and there are only two persons who are able to reunite the nation once again – finding the Warden and the Champion is the main key to solve this madness and Leliana knows it. She will most likely return simply because she has the power and knowledge to find the heroes of Ferelden and Free Marches.


4.      Cassandra

Seeker Cassandra formed an intensive search party during the Dragon Age II events, her main goal consisted in unveiling the champion’s current location; she captured one of the champion’s ex companions, Varric, and interrogated him in order to obtain the desired knowledge, however he doesn’t seem to know anything. Most likely, Cassandra will aid the upcoming Inquisitor to find both characters, Champion and Warden, as part of the resolute plan to put an end to this war.


5.      Alistair

The bastard king of Ferelden has a great influence all over the world of Thedas, he returned in Dragon Age II and informed the Champion about what’s going on in Ferelden and Orlais, things looked pretty ugly back then, the tension between mages and templars was already quite high but king Alistair seemed to have an alternative perception about the conflict by picking the mages side. Alistair will surely return in the third game and perhaps he will reassure himself once again.


6.      Warden and Champion

Since Dragon Age II that finding both protagonists became the ultimate challenge for everyone and it actually looks like they’ll be eventually found during the third title. Dragon Age’s lead designer, Mike Laidlaw revealed in 2011 that both characters may return if there would be a third game:

Since I’m in a sharing mood, I will put this out there: our intention is that for each major release of Dragon Age, you will take up the mantle of a new character. This does not mean your old character may never appear in future games


Character That May Come Back:


1.      Isabela

The charming lady from the seas has been a constant in the series; it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Isabela returning after being a main character in Dragon Age II and a secondary character in Origins. She had involvement with both protagonists and she holds a substantial amount of information about them, which means Isabela is a splendid information source.




2.      Zevran

Zevran is the opposite of Isabela, he helped the hero of Ferelden to stop the blight and in Dragon Age II he appears as a mercenary assassin in a side quest. This sneaky elf has been part of the series since the start and he will most likely keep the affinity going.



3.      Cullen

Upon Meredith’s death, Cullen assumes the Knight-Commander position at the Templar Order in Kirkwall. He seemed quite receptive to the mage cause during the Dragon Age II events, which means he might return as an essential key to stop the mage-templar conflict.


4.      Sandal

This talented dwarf has helped the Warden and the Champion in the past, he forged and enchanted their equipment. Sandal may be a little slow but he is very talented at what he does, being a recognized master blacksmith in Thedas is not as easy as it seems and this youngster will most surely come back to force epic gear one more time.

And these are the characters that are making a comeback in DA: Inquisition, as well as some that might get a new role in the upcoming game. Opinions?