Bella has decided to come over in SimCity Social and she didn’t come alone: she came with a new set of missions for us to complete, the Bella Swings By missions, and I am here to share with you all the details about the new set of quests, so check them out and have fun completing the new challenges.

Here are the requirements and rewards for the SimCity Social Bella Swings By missions:

A Social Visit
– Build a Business
– Build a Factory
Rewards: 1,000 Simoleons and 2 XP

Shake yer Moneymaker!
– Collect from 3 Businesses
– Collect from 3 Factories
Rewards: 3 XP and 3 Materials

A Bonus From Bella
– Build 3 Homes
– Have 3 Level 3 Homes
– Build a Decoration
Rewards: 2,000 Simoleons and 5 XP

The good thing is that if you also play Sims Social (and why shouldn’t you?), you will also be prompted to receive a special reward in that game too, which is a nice 3,000 Social Points. So a great series of missions overall and we can only hope that Bella returns to SimCity Social or does something similar in Sims Social.