Even though we were surely expecting some sort of Halloween-themed goals in SimCity Social, Playfish have a different opinion and instead they’re offering some school-related quests, the Academia Nuts goals. I am here to share with you all the details about the new set of missions, with its requirements.

So let’s check out below this guide to the SimCity Social Academia Nuts goals!

Stage 1: Sister Act
– Build the Sorority House
– Pay BBQ
– Deliver Dean Martin’s Donation

Stage 2: Jobs for the Girls
– Have a 3-Star History Museum
– Have a 3-Star Botanical Gardens
– Present Academic Achievement Award

Stage 3: Reaching Out
– Perform Twin City Actions at History Museums
– Perform Twin City Actions at Botanical Gardens
– Present an Intercity University Award

Stage 4: Band of Brothers
– Build the Fraternity House
– Install Bust of Chase at Fraternity House
– Pay Llama Manure

Stage 5: High Jinks 101
– Perform Rival Actions at Animal Farms
– Perform Rival Actions at Farmer’s Market
– Pay Rage

Stage 6: Frat Splat Rampage
– Combine Rage and Manure at the Sorority House 3 Times
– Give Atomic Wedgies 5 Times
– Be Total Jerks at the Mocktail Bar 3 Times

Stage 7: Caught Brown Handed
– Produce 25,000 Simoleons
– Deliver Apologies to Nerds 5 Times
– Clean Up the Sorority House 5 Times

Stage 8: Careering Out of Control
– Send 5 Students to Work
– Collect Vision
– Collect Innovation

Stage 9: Hitting the Books
– Build a Book Store
– Collect from 5 Student Jobs

Stage 10: Tomorrow’s World Today
– Have a 1-Star University
– Build a Business Park
– Collect from a Business Park

Stage 11: Business Matters
– Collect from 20 Businesses
– Have 5 3-Star Businesses
– Collect a Big Idea

And this is it! A very challenging mission series, but it makes sense because we’re talking about the Academia Nuts goals in SimCity Social!