Ginger is giving us the chance to unlock a new expansion in ChefVille and it comes at a perfect time because things were starting to get a little crowded with all those items that we have to place around. And the new expansion is introduced by the Lilac and Relax missions, about which I am here to tell you everything in this article. So let’s check out the requirements for the ChefVille Lilac and Relax missions below!

The Nature of Food
– Place 5 Plant Decorations
– Cook 2 Garden Salads
– Tend 10 Neighbors’ Ingredient Stalls

The Purple Path
– Gather from 10 Ingredient Stalls
– Place 20 Stone Grass Tiles
– Cook 2 Creamy Broccoli Soup

The Power of Flowers
– Give 6 Roses to Customers
– Get 4 Flower Cards
– Serve 2 Caesar Salads

Flower Fandom
– Expand to the Open Field expansion
– Serve 3 Classic Tomato Soup
– Gather 15 Mixed Greens from Lilac Bushes

And this is it! After completing the Lilac and Relax missions in ChefVille, you will get access to the Open Field expansion in the game!