Big DaddyNot the greatest news to end the week with for BioShock fans, as 2K Games confirmed that there will be no Co-op mode in BioShock 2 – which, also, will no longer have the “Sea of Dreams” subtitle. Apparently people didn’t really like it, so it was removed. It was fine with me, it was more romantic, perfect for meeting the new Big Sisters. But I’m not their publisher…

So that’s about it – “You won’t be seeing ‘Sea of Dreams’ moving forward, just ‘BioShock 2,” said a 2K Games spokesperson, and added that although we’ll have multiplayer modes in BioShock 2, there will be no co-op. Which means that we’ll stick to deathmatches and other similar games. But there’s always fans ready to go mad over the lack of a feature, and there’s always DLC so not all hope is lost. We’ll see.



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