exmortis3-screenIndie developer Ben Leffler has just released the third and last chapter in the Exmortis horror trilogy, Exmortis 3. Described as a “puzzle/shooter” on the official website, this last chapter will certainly make quite a few gamers happy since the first two iterations of the game have been already played by over 21 million times!

The story of the new game begins where Exmortis 2 ended – gamers control the protagonist, Mr Hannay, as he explores a ravaged post-apocalyptic world in search of the demon responsible for the near extinction of the human race. Players are invited to explore visually stunning environments, solve mind-bending puzzles and interact with a variety of fully voice-acted characters. Gamers must defend themselves against a tirade of enemies and wield five ancient powers in their bid to seek revenge, redemption and salvation in this virtual odyssey.

“We have spent three years refining the detail and audio-visual effects for the final installment of the Exmortis trilogy,” said Ben Leffler, the creator and designer of the trilogy. ”The third chapter is a combination of the most successful, horrific and enjoyable elements of Exmortis 1 and 2, and builds on the traditional Point-n-Click genre by adding puzzles and shooter sequences.”

Exmortis 3 will be released in two different formats. A demo that allows gamers to play the first chapter of Exmortis 3 and if they enjoy it, they can purchase the full version for 14 Euros or play it online if you are a Fizzy.com VIP member.

Amongst the new features of Exmortis 3, we mention over a hundred inventory items, five ancient powers that can be used (Telekinesis, Perception, Teleportation, Regeneration and the spectacular power, Destruction), lots of brain-straining puzzles as well as FPS sequences and much more. But you can see it all for yourself if you head over to Fizzy.