momoRotoadventures Momo’s Quest, an indie platformer game developed by Happy Nutz Studio, has just received a major update and a brand new price of just $4.99. Also, for those who find it hard to believe that a quality game could cost just 5 bucks, the devs have released a new demo too, with more playable levels!

Rotoadventures Momo’s Quest is an action/platform mouse-only game that’s really easy to play and it can be enjoyed by people of all ages, as long as they like the platformer genre. With simple controls and impressive hand draw graphics rotating like into a carrousel, the game tells the story of Momo a little squirrel in a life quest for finding his owner. Sounds simple but it gets deep when the player has to choose between light and dark levels guiding Momo thru its entire live exploring its wide world. So yeah, such games can come with an incredible depth, too!

The game is DRM free and can be purchased from the official website, but you can also download a demo that includes 5 levels, 4 boss enemies and the extras (wallpapers) from each level – enough to give you an idea regarding the quality of the title. You can get the demo here.