Download This: Storm Assault

Download This: Storm Assault

storm-assaultIf you are a fan of SHMUP games, you probably remember the early Gradius series developed by Konami. However, since arcades are not as popular as they were in the late 80s, the Storm Project development team decided to offer everybody the chance to experience a game similar in concept and looks. That game is Storm Assault, a freeware game that can be downloaded right away following the link at the end.

Storm Assault, a horizontal shoot’em up game, just like the Gradius games, comes with all the things we loved in the classic game: the power meter, the capsules with various upgrades, the boss ships that take forever to destroy and so on. The best thing – all for free, downloadable straight to your computer, and able to run under Windows!

Therefore I would strongly suggest that you give this game a try – it’s still in its early stages (version 0.2 currently), but the two available stages are simply amazing. You can check out some Storm Assault gameplay by watching the video below, then you can follow the link to download the title for free. Don’t be scared by the tons of Japanese characters – simply click on s_assault_v02.zip on the top of the page you’re done. Happy shooting!

Now here is the promised Storm Assault gameplay video: