minecraftAfter spending a lot of time playing the wonderful Infiniminer, I did some digging (no pun intended!) and found out that there is another very similar game in the works (currently in Alpha stages) – one that is still free to play but requires no downloads and can be played straight from the browser – Minecraft.

At the moment there is not much about the game – you can only build or dig in the “sandbox” mode, there is no real competition, you don’t gain any points and can’t customize things around too much, but I am sure that while development progresses, so will the options in the game and the excitement factor.

So, although obviously an unfinished game, Minecraft is one to watch out for especially if you liked the above-mentioned Infiniminer but somehow had problems/trouble playing it. Now please excuse me, I have a castle to finish building in Minecraft – you can give it a try too, by following this link!