infiniminer-finishedWe’re starting the week strong, with one free game for you to download: Infiniminer, a high quality and very addictive… digging game. Really – and don’t close this page, laughing! Just give the game a chance and you’ll see it will get you hooked in no time. The best part? It’s completely free to play and download, so you really have nothing to lose in case you don’t like Infiniminer!

Developed by indie dev Zachtronics Industries, Infiniminer might seem like a poorly done game at first: there is no story, there are no cutscenes, the graphics are not too impressive… but soon you’ll see that none of these matter since the game has an incredibly fun and addictive multiplayer gameplay!

There are two modes: the classic “Competition” mode in which players must reach a certain threshold by bringing the loot up; the second mode is the Sandbox, allowing players to create true fortresses of dirt and ore, but without the “violent” nature of the Competition mode: you will simply dig and build and create based on your imagination, with no winning threshold and basically no limitations!

And maybe this still doesn’t sound too exciting, so I have to repeat myself: it is! Just try Infiniminer, download it for free and come back to tell the world if you enjoyed it. Yes, after about two hours or so, since I doubt you will be doing anything else but playing the game during the time!

UPDATE: Please, make sure you read all the instructions on the download page, and you also download XNA and .Net redistributables, as well as the Hamachi Client (if you don’t have them) and configure them according to the instructions on the website!