Rockstar has expanded the maximum allowable grouping in all their online games to as many as 1000 individual players. The company announced today on their website that the “crews” feature will be jumping up from the previous ceiling of 300.

“It’s time for some heavy-duty rallying and recruiting,” said a press release.  “We’ll certainly be on the lookout to see who truly grows their army or consolidates forces amongst affiliate Crews”

The comments section of the announcement was already littered with players vying for recruits. These groups will now be able to stage massive head-to-head battles of violence and proportion previously unseen.

This edition will further benefit the already hugely popular Grand Theft Auto V title, thats multiplayer feature was a massive selling point. Its delay on the initial release was so upsetting to some it resulted in a civil suit, though that was recently thrown out of court.

To mark the occasion, Rockstar Games is hosting a massive multiplayer GTA V event that will be streamed live over youtube. Crews will be competing against each other to complete missions, called jobs, generated by the company. Each team will have one developer from Rockstar join their side to moderate play.