make money gta onlineRockstar has announced that the long awaited co-op heists in GTA Online will be added to the game in the coming months, as the developer laid out its update plans for spring.

Perhaps the most anticipated addition, heists will be added sometime in spring, Rockstar announced in a blog post. These will allow crews or matchmade players to join together to take part in high risk, high reward missions. More information on the heists is expected soon.

Before heists though comes Capture Creator, which will be rolled out next week. In the same vein as custom Races and Deathmatches that currently occupy GTA Online, you will be able to put your own spin on the Capture game type. You can fiddle with pick-ups, weaponry and location along with a ‘ton’ of other variables to create your own unique take on the mode.

In-between these two will see the release of the High-Life update, which focuses on the housing options. It will introduce new houses to purchase as well as allowing you to own multiple properties, which means a nice increase in saveable vehicles. The update will also introduce the Bullpup Rifle, new clothing options, three new cars and a new motorbike as well as new jobs.

One of the more interesting additions in the High-Life update is the Mental State player statistic. This allows you to see just how passive or psychotically unhinged players in your session are.

Rockstar already noted they are planning for future updates, including other seasonal goodies as well as Story DLC.

Rockstar also detailed some of the tweaks being introduced in upcoming updates to try and improve the online experience. Things to look out for include an option for ‘non-contact’ Races, added RP for job feedback, increased payout in certain jobs with 4 people or fewer and calling Lester to keep the cops off your back for a period of time.

What updates are you most looking forward to?