Robo Jungle Rush is a new 3D adventure running game from Fraktalia Studios. In this title players can ride amusing futuristic vehicles to speed up their journey as well as collect rare trophies and unlock fantastic achievements. As the company stated:

In Robo Jungle Rush the challenge is to dash through a vibrant jungle filled with mean and mischievous robots of all shapes and sizes.  Suit up your character as you jump, tilt, swipe and rush your way through dynamic and ever-changing environments. Use a wide range of unique items and power ups – like turning enemies into gold or blasting everything in your path –  aiding your journey through the world of ‘Robo Jungle Rush’. Plus you can hop into different vehicles, each with their own set of challenges!

The game allows high customization of the main character and players may try different tactics to go through the countless levels of Robo Jungle Rush. Between missions there’s a mini-game system that works like gambling, where robo players can try their luck to obtain adittional prizes and boosts.The leaderboards online will determinate who’s the best robo jungler.

The game will be avaiable tomorrow for free for iPad, iPod and iPhone on the Apple App Store. Check the trailer here:

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