Thumbstar Games and Remode announced the release of the new physics-based throwing title for mobile devices on May 30th, The Boomerang Trail. This arcade game allows players to explore the spirit of the wild and become a master at boomeranging through a high usability and interactive system, as Thumbstar Games stated:

Follow the kangaroo spirit through the Australian wilderness, along your trail to enlightenment and learn the ancient aboriginal art of ‘Rang’ throwing. A wonderfully simple throwing mechanic will allow you to quickly become skilled at throwing Boomerangs, Splitterangs and Kaboomerangs!

The game presents unique features that require aiming and strategy. There are three main attack techniques: boomerangs, splitterangs  and kaboomerangs. Each one has its own mechanisms and utilities. Players can collect tokensand go through several challenging trails, up to 20 different ones.

The Boomerang Trail will be available tomorrow for iOS and Android mobile systems.