return-of-american-mcgees-aliceAmerican McGee’s Alice is still considered by the PC gamers one of the most influential games ever made and it’s no surprise that Electronic Arts together with American McGee are planning a remake of the classic, one titled Return of American McGee’s Alice.

A teaser website for the upcoming game has been launched and you can visit it by clicking this link. However, there’s not much to be seen at the moment: just the image you can view in the upper left corner and the message “Let’s talk about what happened…” plus, if you solve the “puzzle”, a link to the teaser website you can also check out embedded below.

The interesting part about the Return of American McGee’s Alice is that it appears that the game will come with a stop motion movie-like graphical approach, which adds to its creepiness and if I’m not wrong, makes it the first big budget game to be created like a stop motion movie. However, it’s a cutscene we’re talking about (or, most likely, a bit that’s not even part of the game) so the actual gameplay might have a slightly different approach.

Either way, the teaser trailer lets us know that the Return of American McGee’s Alice will be released sometime in 2011. Hopefully a load of extra details will be released until then! And until that happens… check out the Return of American McGee’s Alice teaser trailer below: