If you saved money the whole year to purchase some really great games it is this month you’re going to spend most of them as we’ll have some really hot and amazing releases with many contenders for the game of the year award! So count your dollars, do the math and see which of the following gems will become part of your collection this month when they get released. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the top 6 PC games to buy in November 2009!

01-legoindiana6. Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues
There’s barely any buzz surrounding this release, which is rather strange having in mind that the original Lego Indiana Jones games was quite successful and welcomed by the fans. The second game promises to deliver even more hours of fun playing with a Lego Indy, so I guess that we can say that, at least for the fans, this is a must purchase on November 17. You can get it from Lego Indiana Jones 2. The Adventure Continues or PlayAsia.

02-pes20105. Pro Evolution Soccer 2010
I’ve missed it last month and I had to make up for the mistake – for the fans of the soccer game and those who have something against Electronic Arts and their continued refusal to improve the PC version of their FIFA game (unlike the console versions), PES 2010 remains the only viable alternative. You can order your copy from Amazon or PlayAsia.

03-sims3wa4. Sims 3: World Adventures
The first Sims 3 expansion will certainly make a lot of teenagers happy, as well as EA who will get the money. The milking of the new product has started and we should prepare for regular Sims 3 expansions. But until they run out of ideas, Sims 3 World Adventures remains a good purchase for the fans of the game. Of course, if their parents give them the money. Or order them online at Amazon.com or PlayAsia.

3. Dragon Age: Origins
A “back to the basics” RPG created by BioWare is obviously one to watch. The best part is that it hits stores today, so you can already start playing it and enjoy the complex storyline and the amazing gameplay. The hype is really high on this one and I’m sure it won’t disappoint – it will be one of the games to consider for the GOTY award. You can get it from Amazon.com and PlayAsia.

05-codmw22. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Even though Infinity Ward and Activision managed to upset us all with the lack of dedicated servers and support for modding, Modern Warfare 2 remains one of the most anticipated games of the year and will certainly become a bestseller because it appears that the only thing gamers can do is buy it. Yes, it is the most expensive game on the list, but it’s still going to sell. On Amazon and PlayAsia.

06-l4d21. Left 4 Dead 2
Another controversial title before launch, Valve’s Left 4 Dead 2 will certainly become the best selling game of the month – I do believe that the FPS will manage to defeat MW2. Because it always will be more fun to play with your friends and try to survive a zombie-infected world that do things alone and WITHOUT baseball bats. So if you wish to get yourself Left 4 Dead 2, check out Amazon.com‘s listing or PlayAsia.

Now let us all know – which of these games will you buy this month?