Remember Me, one of the most anticipated games of 2013, finally has a release date set and it might come as a surprise for some: it’s not “holiday season 2013” but 4 June in America and 7 June in Europe. It’s true, it’s a bit later than initially expected, but I always had the feeling that it will be pushed back to Holiday season.

Lost memories, a special agent fighting to get them back, a future that doesn’t look like something we’d like to have – these are the bits that make Remember ME a really anticipated title. Add to that the combat system that seems to be incredibly complex and amazing, acrobatics and a hot female protagonist and you have all your reasons to get excited about this game – in case you were not extremely excited already.

Capcom has also released a Remember Me trailer, so check it out below:

Now, don’t forget: Remember Me will be released in June, on the 4th in the US and 7th in Europe.