If you enjoyed The Expendables or if you were a fan of the early to mid 80s action movies, then you MUST play Rambros, a retro side scrolling action game that will give you the chance to control legendary characters and rule the world with your muscles. It doesn’t sound as good as I wanted it to sound, but one thing is clear: the game is awesome!

Rambros allows you to control characters like Sylvester Stallone, B.A. from the A-Team, Chuck Norris and Dolph Lundgren, each with his own weapon (a shotgun, a machine gun, a rocket launcher and a flamethrower). Add to that the fact that all terrain is destructible and you have a mayhem-making, fun-filled action game, completely free of charge. What can you want more?

The only problem with Rambros, at least at the moment of writing, is that the game is incredibly short (seems more like one level of the game instead of the full deal) but I am sure that the developers will launch more and complete this otherwise fantastic game.

If you are curious to see how Sylvester Stallone, Mr. T, Chuck Norris and Dolph Lundgren would look like in a team and also enjoy a great retro action game, then head over here and download Rambros for free!