ps-home1The highly anticipated release of the PlayStation Home came with it’s fair share of problems and errors, but the general reception of the whole open beta stage was positive. However, Sony did not have too much time to enjoy the success, since various reports noted that the PS Home has been hacked and Sony plans to release a patch to stop that from happening.

The hack appears to be potentially dangerous for Home users, since one person has found out a way to manipulate the files on the servers – both upload and download. Also, other hacks into the system allow users to change the content shown on the billboards in Home and, although this does not seem to be potentially harmful, it is obvious it’s not something Sony had intended to happen.

A proof to that is the announcement of a system maintenance today – a process that will patch Home to version 1.04 and is expected to last no less than six hours (starting at 12 midnight PST). And, although the previously mentioned hacks are not mentioned in the official statement, we’re most certain they will be addressed as well.

Among other changes brought by the PlayStation Home 1.04 update Sony mentioned the reduction of connection issues, as well as the suspension of the voice chat feature – but it will not be something permanent. We’ll keep you updated with any extra details as soon as we have them.