ps-homeSony’s sales of PlayStation 3 consoles rarely managed to match, on a monthly basis, the sales recorded by Xbox 360s or Nintendo Wiis, even though big S won the format wars against the HD-DVD and did their best to offer gamers a great experience. The latest release that was supposed to offer a huge lift in PS3 sales was LittleBigPlanet but, although successful and highly rated, Media Molecule’s little gem did not manage to offer Sony the lift they needed sales-wise.

Now, with the recent release of another highly anticipated PlayStation 3 exclusive, the PlayStation Home, Sony is certain that sales will skyrocket, even though the launch was followed by a few bugs and errors.

Speaking with CVG, Dan Hill, Home service manager for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe said: “In time I would say that Home will definitely become a reason to purchase [PS3]. Today, we are at the beginning of a long journey – now is the time to start its evolution.”

Also, he went on to say that PlayStation Home is a project of unmatched ambition and it will get better and better over the time – and there are no reasons not to believe this is the truth. Now all we can do is wait and see if Sony’s plans indeed work out: with LBP and Home released, the company might have used the most powerful weapons in their “buy us” arsenal. Will it work?


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