sega-sature-pc-1If you are one of the persons who loves mods and, even more, if you happen to be a fan of Sega’s classic consoles (like the Sega Saturn) you will simply love the modded console (or should I call it PC) below! Created by the folks over at the Japanese website Akibashop, the Sega Saturn PC is simply amazing and with Christmas coming, I’m sure many would love to offer it as a gift!

Very impressive at first sight, the Sega Saturn PC proves to be a modded console that gives you the feeling of “I could do that myself!” but you probably couldn’t. I know, stuffing a motherboard inside the Saturn’s case seems like a piece of cake, but I doubt you could make that work or avoid it catching a fire in the end. And run both Windows Vista and any game you feel like playing!

The Sega Satrun PC created by Akiba is based on the Intel dual core Atom processor, and it also has a 2.5-inch SATA hard drive. There is also a fully functional optical drive featured and an old, dirty Sega Satrun game cartridge appears to be included as well. Now, we have one very important thing we’re not sure about: can this mod be purchased? If your Japanese is better than ours, please let us know! If you don’t, simply enjoy it’s coolness and become all nostalgic about the good times when Sega was manufacturing consoles…