wakfu1Unless you have heard about Dofus or Wakfu MMO role playing games, you probably have no idea who Ankama is. But things are going to change since the French developers have partnered with Microsoft to bring a new IP to Xbox 360 consoles, Islands of Wakfu an “adventure/beat’em all” game.

The interesting part is that the game takes its inspiration from both the worlds of Dofus and Wakfu and even brings background content and elements you’ve never seen before (in the aforementioned universes). The even more interesting thing is that both Dofus and Wakfu are two flash MMOs and I really doubt Xbox 360 fans would accept a flash game on their console. However, since Microsoft partnered up with Ankama, probably things are much better than they sound.

Unfortunately, except for the fact that the game will hit the Xbox Live Arcade in late 2009 and it can be played in co-op, we have no other extra details regarding this Islands of Wakfu, but we do have some screenshots. So check them out and decide for yourself if this is the “adventure/beat’em all” you were long waiting for!