Prove Your Pranks Mastery in Pranksterz: From Russia with Love

Prove Your Pranks Mastery in Pranksterz: From Russia with Love

pranksterzbigA few years ago, JoWood launched a very funny game called Neighbors from Hell, in which you simply had to perform all sorts of tricks upon your unwary neighbors. It appears that developers Game Factory Interactive enjoyed the concept and created a similar-ish series of games, Pranksterz. Today they have announced a new game in the series, Pranksterz: From Russia with Love.

The game comes with a pretty simple story: you’re a special agent sent from Russia to the United States to disrupt the activities of an American spy. In order to do so, you will have to set up all sorts of pranks and enjoy the hilarious results (and hopefully stick to doing them in the game only).

Pranksterz: From Russia with Love will offer you 13 levels for you to test your pranks mastery, easy to use interface and improved 3D visuals. GFI did not announce a potential release date for the upcoming title, nor pricing, but they did say the game is “fully tested and almost ready,” which means it might be coming sooner rather than later.

Here are some Pranksterz: From Russia with Love, showing a bit of the upcoming fun: