j-blowLast year we’ve had a very pleasant surprise from independent developer Jonathan Blow, who brought us an innovative little platformer game, Braid – one which got into many GOTY awards, including our own Best of 2008. Today we have word from Gamasutra that he is working on a new project – a 2D RPG game which we may or may not see, though.

Why? Because according to Blow, he already had a few games before tagged as “the next game”, but stopped developing them because he decided he could do better. And with a game like Braid released, it’s pretty obvious that people will have pretty high expectations from him – he knows that and until now his new project, a 2D RPG, seems to be the final “next thing”:

“The way I’m thinking about it for the current game is that what goes on in those dialogs is actually very closely related to the core mechanic that you do in the RPG. And I can’t really say more about it. But there is more of a tie… a tie between the game mechanic, or the core ideas and themes, and the things that you do.”

This sounds pretty interesting, although we can say that we have the minimum information needed. However, I’d certainly wish to see what Jonathan Blow can do in terms of role playing games – hopefully he will continue the development and offer us even more details! We’re waiting.