Ten years ago developers considered games for the female demographic a waste of time and resources but now things have changed and they seem to have come to their senses (or just times have changed). Anyway, the idea is that games for girls sell, as well as games for younger girls. Knowing that, 505 Games announced a new series of titles aimed at younger female gamers, Diva Girls.

The new Diva Girls games will feature characters from the popular Princess on Ice – like Kelly, Gabrielle, Alyssa and Madison – embarking on new adventures while following their dreams of fame.

There are, for starters, four titles planned to be released starting Spring 2009. The first Diva Girls title to be released will be the Wii iteration of Diva Girls: Princess on Ice which challenges girls to become the true princess on ice. The release will be shortly followed by the DS games: Diva Girls: Diva Dancers (where the four main characters prepare for a dance competition), Diva Girls: Making the Music (where the girls will take a break from dancing and start making music themselves) and Diva Girls: Princess on Ice 2.