All WiiWare beauty lovers should be delighted today because Hudson announced the release of Pit Crew Panic, the game where a bunch of cute girls repair all sorts of crazy, wacky things. Unfortunately, the action can’t be compared to that in the music video Benny Bennasi – Satisfaction, but yet again we’re talking about a Wii Game and not BoneTown.

So, in Pit Crew Panic! players have to choose whether they want to compete alone or against their friends then start the challenge and see whose all-female pit crew can hammer, screw and wrench the fastest on a giant broken wedding cake. Or huge dirty airplane. Or a truck, or whatever. Fun, funny and easy, just as any WiiWare should be!

Hudson, however, promises a challenging gameplay too, where the careful handling of the Wiimote just like a real pit crew tool is essential: so prepare to simulate wrenching, using a screwdriver and so on (See? You can pretend you don’t know how and check the video I’ve linked to above once more!).

“Pit Crew Panic! has taken gameplay with the Wii Remote to fun and creative new extremes,” said Sabine Duvall, Vice President of Product Development at Hudson Entertainment. “The game has a unique sense of humor which players will appreciate as they try to use the Wii Remote as a blowtorch to fix a space station or as a wrench to fix a locomotive.” Enjoy!