Grubby Games announced the release of a really interesting casual game developed in-house, My Tribe. This little fellow that challenges you with the incredible task of designing your own civilization is supposed to offer infinite replayability – and that is a strong enough reason to at least check the demo released on the official website for My Tribe.

Practically a Virtual Villagers clone, the game developed by Grubby Games allows you to feed your tribe, clothe them, and look after the babies and children while uncovering mysterious secrets on the tropical island the game takes place, researching for new technologies and even constructing massive wonders.

The amazing part comes, however, from the huge number of islands you can choose from: over 4 billion of them! With your guidance, your tribe will make scientific breakthroughs, unlock trophies, solve mysterious objects, and discover powerful potions! A prosperous tribe may even be able to sail to new islands, with more mysteries to solve and new challenges to face – and that’s why Grubby Games says that their game offers infinite replayability.


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